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Guarding construction site in cooperation with the health and safety coordinator ( construction coordinator, occupational safety coordinator) belonging to the same company.

Rules for security guarding can be found in Act CXXXIII/2005 on  personal and property guarding and the rules of private detective activity.
Cooperation with the HSE coordinator is based on the provisions of the following decree 4/2002 (II.20) SzCsM-EúM joint decree on the minimum occupational safety requirements to be implemented at construction workplaces and during construction processes and on the Act XCIII/1993 on Occupational Safety and Health.
8.§ The duties of the coordinators in connection with the construction work are the following:
e, taking the necessary measures to ensure that only authorized persons can enter the construction site.


Security guards and HSE coordinator(s) are an integral part of a well-organized, regulated work activity on a construction site. In Hungary, as far as we know, no one carries out the two activities in an organized form within the same company.

According to our experience and the confirmation of the clients much more organized and controllable work can be carried out with proper handling and sharing of information.  We can complement this with various equipment and IT tools which help us do more appropriate professional work.
The cooperation of the two areas can be regulated from the time of the entry. This includes the flow of information and the completion of the tasks of the two jobs, helping each other’s work. This is much more controllable- it allows for more orderly and transparent conditions for the technical team that follows the relevant rules, subcontractors that follow the rules and visitors, builders  and investors coming to the area.
If the two activities are carried out together, we can perform professional work even more in line with the standards we have set. Our work- assisting tools: electric motorbike, quad, camera systems, thermal camera,, removable entry control gate, entry control system, patrol control system, walkie-talkie.

objektumok őrzése

Guarding objects:

When guarding areas we undertake point-, circular-, area- or combined guarding. Our goal is a conscious activity carried out with properly trained, professionally supported security personnel, mechanical and technical devices and their combinations, whose main task is to prevent acts that threaten the safety of the object.
Our main strength is that in addition to the qualification related to security guarding we also have the qualification of fire protection rapporteur-general and fire protection examination required by law for those who carry out the construction, maintenance, installation and review of the built-in fire-alarm equipment necessary for the operation and supervision of safety equipments.

Facility management:

We undertake the complex services related to buildings, such as

  • building maintenance and other technical- human services
  • cleaning
  • energy management
  • security guarding
  • reception service
  • fire safety
  • occupational safety
  • environment protection
  • health protection
  • information and communication

facility management